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Elco electric boat motors

Let’s build the future of your machine together

- also after the age of fossil fuels -



Sustainable energy solutions for drives and power generation is our core business. Environment, social and economic parameters are our prime concerns.

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Using a time path we will help you to move away step by step from fossil fuels and to change over to renewables.

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Service & Support

Our ambition is to help you select the right engine and to provide the best possible technical support both in the design phase and in the operational lifecycle of your machine.

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ELCO inboard and outboard electric motors

We supply electric drives for pleasure craft and small ships.

With Elco drives we make a contribution to the switch to 100% renewable energy in our region. Even if we do not have the wind in the sails we will be able to sail in peace and quiet with respect for nature.

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PowerUP fuel cells

With the hydrogen fuel cells (Fuel Cells) from PowerUP you go for 100% green autonomy. Whether you are looking for a range extender for an electric vessel, or for a better energy system for your motorhome, boat, or other off-grid application: the UP generators ensure that your own green power is always available.

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Our approach



Identify the most suitable drive for your application.


Change over

Determine the technological feasibility of a change-over.



Set time path and deadlines.



Application of 100% renewables. Run your applications on 100% renewable resources 

About P&E Lowlands

Are you using engines powered by fossil fuels ? Most probably you will soon have to find a more sustainable solution. The age of fossil fuels is coming to an end. And unfortunately in the wake of this development the internal combustion engine is being blamed for the negative effects of fossil fuels. At P&E Lowlands though we believe the IC engines is a masterpiece of technological ingenuity. So keep on using it, if only you let it run on alternative fuels.

During the transition we will be your expert and flexible partner.

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"Our Global Network is expanding and we are excited for our partnership with P&E Lowlands in the Netherlands"

- Dean Heinemann, Sales director
ELCO Motor Yachts

Hans Hermans - Recensies

"As an organizer of touristic tours, continuity is essential. P&E LOWLANDS provided us with a tailor-made plan that gives us 100% operational reliability. The ELCO electric outboard motors are robust, powerful and extremely user-friendly. A combination that, despite our experience with other brands, we had not yet found. "

- Hans Hermans, Project Manager Electric Sailing
Waterlijn Amersfoot Foundation

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Sustainable sailing PELowlands.jpg06 Jul Water transportation is sustainable. Fewer trucks on the motorway leave more space. But, the vessels in this mode of transportation, are they sustainable themselves? It goes without saying that ... full story
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