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We at P&E Lowlands rely on extensive expertise in electrical control and drive-technology. Doing this with great care for our planet. As a European distributor of ELCO Motors, our company has been playing the map of this American frontrunner in electric marine drives for 3 years. P&E Lowlands chooses only the best technologies on our way to an electric future. During this transition we are your skilled and flexible partners.

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These customers preceded you


"P&E LOWLANDS provided customized technical assistance, allowing me to install my ELCO EP-20 and batteries without any problems. During our 30min. roundtrips customers are always impressed by the peaceful, but powerful electrical experience. The ELCO motor makes a reliable impression. It's just a solid product that works well."

- Captain Egholm, Harbour round trips Tórshavn

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"As an organizer of touristic tours, continuity is essential. P&E LOWLANDS provided us with a tailor-made plan that gives us 100% operational reliability. The ELCO electric outboard motors are robust, powerful and extremely user-friendly. A combination that, despite our experience with other brands, we had not yet found."

- Hans Hermans, Project Manager Electric Sailing
Waterlijn Amersfoot Foundation

Are you interested in electric boating with an electric outboard motor?

  • Silent boating - maximum enjoyment
  • Nature is not disturbed
  • Environmentally friendly: no CO2 emissions
  • No exhaust fumes 
  • No bad smell
  • No fuel costs
  • Lower mooring fees
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Go electric in 4 steps

Converting to electric is a fun task for every do-it-yourselfer. A safe and reliable installation requires correct information. When it comes to selecting the right motor for your boat we believe there are four basic questions that you need to answer:

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Electric outboard motors


Elco EP-5


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Elco EP-9.9


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Elco EP-14


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Elco EP-20


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Elco EP-30


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Elco EP-50


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Worldwide support

P&E Lowlands makes the Elco Electric Drive Systems accessible to boaters all over the world. Installation is Plug & Play and batteries can be chosen in any size, capacity and technology, making the electric conversion of your boat a fun task for every do-it-yourselfer. Moreover the P&E Lowlands webshop makes it possible to put together your own electric sailing package and get our professional (video) advice.

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