Electric dinghy motor: why to choose P&E Lowlands

Welcome to P&E Lowlands. Now that you are here, you need look no further on your search for an electric dinghy motor. We can offer you the advice you need, thanks to our extensive expertise in electrical control and drive-technology. As a European distributor of Elco Motors, our company has been playing the map of this American frontrunner in electric marine drives for years. Because we care greatly for this beautiful blue planet of ours, P&E Lowlands chooses only the best technologies on our way to an electric future. Fortunately, the use of renewable energy is on the rise - and we are playing our part. Therefore, it is our pleasure to welcome you here and to bear witness to your interest in the transition to electric boating. 

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The benefits of an electric dinghy motor

Our excitement about the opportunities of an electric dinghy motor stem from the multiplicity of benefits that these motors bring to the table. 

First, there are major differences between this type of motor and the traditional, fossil fuel-powered motor. As anyone who has interacted with the latter type knows, these engines can make serious noise. Especially on longer trips, it can be very tiresome to be engulfed in the constant blare of these motors for hours on end. Forget about this drawback with an electric dinghy motor, because it does not make any noise. Not only is this more pleasant (and likely healthier) for your ears, but this will also make your boating disturb the (natural) world around you far less, or not even at all, making your own experience far more peaceful and making your presence less intrusive for the life around you. Additionally, the electric motor also does not vibrate in the way that traditional motors do, making it far more comfortable to operate. A further important difference with the traditional motors is the absence of any exhaust fumes. This trait is a true relief, as the electric dinghy motor means an end to sitting in and inhaling the unhealthy exhaust fumes that are produced by burned fuel. 

Second, it is good to know that electric boating is more cost-effective than the traditional motors already mentioned above. Since the electric charge in the battery is converted directly into the propellor’s propulsion, the loss of energy is minimal. This makes the electric motor far more energy-efficient and sustainable than the relatively wasteful fossil-fuel powered motor. 

Last but not least, there is the benefit of maintenance, or rather, the lack of it. Because the electric dinghy motor has far fewer moving parts than fossil-fuel powered motors, it has a very long lifecycle. The advantage is obvious: less time spent on maintenance means more time for boating!

To sum up:

  • Silent boating leaves you and your surroundings undisturbed
  • No exhaust fumes 
  • More friendly to the environment and your wallet
  • No maintenance 
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Electric dinghy motor models at P&E Lowlands

It is a good thing that the emission standards related to outboard motors are becoming increasingly strict, and it is only a matter of time before fossil-fuel powered outboard motors will be disallowed entirely. So why wait? Soon, your electric dinghy motor could be the Elco EP-5 or the Elco EP-9.9, for example. Thanks to these motors’ long-range batteries and their digital display, they will take you on carefree boating trips for years. Their maintenance-free designs will save you time, money, and headaches, making them perfect for dinghies, inflatable boats and tender boats.

Electric dinghy motor: we are happy to answer any further questions you might have

By now, we hope that you are as excited about the electric dinghy motor as we are. Because of that, we would be delighted to answer any further questions that you might have or give you personal advice on what would be the best electric dinghy motor for you. You can reach us by sending an e-mail to info@pelowlands.com or you can call us at +31 (0) 168 745 563.

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