Environmentally friendly boating? P&E Lowlands
makes it possible with electric sloops

Do you share the dream of a wonderful, relaxing excursion on the water? P&E
Lowlands makes your dreams come true with electric sloops. P&E Lowlands stands out
as a company for its commitment to a greener world. We are committed to smart
propulsion systems and energy efficiency and adhere to the Blue World principles. The
Blue World is one where everything is reused. Aside from providing quality products, we
also educate our customers on the benefits of making environmentally sustainable
choices. Trust our expert advice about building a sustainable future.

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Advantages of the electric sloop for the environment

The coming shortage of fossil fuels will force us to create sustainable solutions. We imagine a planet where traditional engines are converted to efficient, green energy sources, stimulating industry and protecting the environment. We do this by deploying and developing electric sloops. At P&E Lowlands, we promote innovative approaches and environmentally friendly activities for electric boating, to pave the way for a cleaner future. As the European distributor for ELCO Motor Yachts, our company has represented this American leader in electric marine propulsion for 3 years. 


Electric sloops offer all kinds of advantages. No emissions and a quieter ride on the water are some examples. They also require less maintenance and will cost you less than traditional petrol-powered boats in the long run. With the ability to recharge using solar or wind power, electric sloops also offer a sustainable option for environmentally conscious boaters.  


An ecologically conscious voyage begins with an electric sloop.

Go to P&E Lowlands for a unique adventure through the beautiful Dutch waterways. Our electric sloops offer a sustainable way to get out on the water. Marvel at the tranquillity of this means of transport. Join us on a voyage towards a better future for the waterways, and witness the beauty of electric boating. Whether you choose to buy a new electric sloop or convert your current vessel, your adventure with P&E Lowlands starts here. Sustainability, innovation and deep regard for the earth are at the heart of P&E Lowlands’ story.

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P&E Lowlands: your specialist in electric sloops.

At P&E Lowlands, we are not only ambassadors for a greener world, but also your dedicated partners. Armed with the latest technology and cutting-edge designs, our experienced staff has vast knowledge in the complexities of electric vessels. We also stand out from other providers with our exceptional skills in the operation and maintenance of electric propulsion systems. With this, P&E Lowlands can rightly claim to be your specialist in electric sloops. 


The P&E Lowlands team is at your full disposal. Whether you’re a newcomer to electric boating or a professional in water sports, we’re here to answer all your questions and help you make the right decision. With our step-by-step plan, our experts look for greater energy efficiency and more renewable energy sources. Finally, we’re switching to 100 per cent renewable energy sources. That also makes your machine energy friendly. 


Experience the captivating mix of tranquillity and energy that electric sloops offer. Don’t hesitate to take inspiration on our website, and start your foray into a more environmentally conscious world. Contact P&E Lowlands for an unforgettable excursion on calm waters, and join us on the way towards a clean and sustainable world.

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We supply electric drives for pleasure craft and small ships. With Elco drives we make a contribution to the switch to 100% renewable energy in our region.

"In dui magna, posuere eget, vestibulum justo."

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