Hybrid sailing is a thing of the past

At P&E Lowlands, innovation goes hand in hand with sustainability. We demonstrate this by switching completely from hybrid boating to 100% renewable energy. Hybrid boating is already a good step from the traditional way of boating using only diesel, petrol or LPG. However, we strive to have an even more positive impact on the environment. With our electric motors, we want to say goodbye completely to polluting, CO2-emitting engines.

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Hybrid propulsion: Why is electric propulsion a better alternative?

Electric motors are a superior alternative to hybrid propulsion. For instance, electric motors emit zero emissions during operation, which makes them more environmentally friendly than hybrid systems that still rely in part on traditional fuels. The higher energy efficiency of electric motors also guarantees less energy loss by converting a higher proportion of electrical energy into mechanical energy than with hybrid propulsion.

Even more advantages

Using renewable energy sources also makes electric motors more sustainable, contributing to a shift towards a greener future. Electric motors also have fewer moving parts than traditional internal combustion motors, which leads to reduced wear and tear and lower maintenance costs. Moreover, electric motors operate more quietly than internal combustion engines, contributing to reduced noise pollution.

Hybrid propulsion: How do I switch to a fully renewable solution?

P&E Lowlands is committed to helping you switch completely from hybrid propulsion to running on 100% renewable energy sources. It is not possible to do this all at once, because you might still have problems with breakdowns, blackouts in the power supply or an empty tank. That’s why we’ve created a step-by-step plan to go green gradually.

The step-by-step plan

First of all, we look at which energy-saving, CO2-efficient propulsion system works best for you. After you’ve been operating with a CO2-efficient system for some time, we will look at whether you can use hybrid propulsion. Finally, we draw up a schedule that indicates when you can switch to 100% renewable energy sources, and which sources are best for you to use.

What is our vision?

A world running entirely on renewable energy sources is within reach. That’s what we believe in at P&E Lowlands. We just need to take a smart approach. That’s why we follow the principles of the Blue World, where the focus is on a circular economy and fossil fuels make way for renewable energy sources. We can get enough energy from nature, but the challenge is to store it. Hydrogen is a possible solution for this.

Hydrogen fuel cells

P&E Lowlands’ PowerUP fuel cells are a perfect alternative to hybrid propulsion. The PEM fuel cell technology we use converts hydrogen from the tank and oxygen from the air into electricity, producing only water as a by-product. So no CO2 emissions! Our PowerUP fuel cells provide 100% green power, making them a more sustainable solution than hybrid propulsion. 

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Do you share our vision, and do you also want to help build a greener future? Ask for a quotation now, or contact us with no obligation. You can reach us using our contact details or leave a message with our form. Let us help you switch from hybrid boating to 100% renewable energy!

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We supply electric drives for pleasure craft and small ships. With Elco drives we make a contribution to the switch to 100% renewable energy in our region.

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