Boat with electric motor: the future of water sports

Renewable energy sources for boats in the form of an electric propulsion system are the future. And we do see strong growth in boats with electric motors. With new trends and developments, the electric boat motor is also becoming more and more efficient. It is the ideal energy converter for propulsion on the water, whether for pleasure boating or shipping. P&E Lowlands explains why your boat needs an electric motor too, and the best way to go about it.

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Basic information about electric boat motors

You can get both electric outboard and inboard motors for your boat. And that’s a good thing, because as a boat owner, you can say goodbye to the polluting internal combustion engine currently in your boat. We’ll help you choose an equivalent to suit the specifications of your current boat. Your sustainable energy partner helps you find the best solution. Together, we’ll determine which model will be the most efficient for your electric motorboat. The old motor will then be taken out and the new motor installed. This may include extra parts for the new electric boat motor.

Boat with electric motor and the advantages

The main advantage of a boat with an electric motor is that it does not emit any CO2. You don’t have to deal with the typical odours of a traditional internal combustion engine. There are no vibrations. And there is no racket. That means you can enjoy the trip, your company and your surroundings to the fullest. Your senses are not constantly bombarded by the commotion of an internal combustion engine. And investing in electric propulsion for your boat is smart. It will save you energy costs, inner harbour fees and maintenance costs. You might think that an electric-powered boat is slower. We want to correct that idea once and for all. Because an electric boat motor has more torque at a given RPM. When you add up the advantages of this type of boat motor, you’re making an investment in more pleasant, sustainable and future-proof boating. And you also reduce your running costs.

Elco electric boat motors

Elco stands for pure power and efficiency. The brand is a leader in reliability and quality. And as a user, that’s what makes you choose Elco over any other brand of boat motor. Elco has outboard motors between 5 hp and 50 hp, which come in both long and short shaft versions. For the controls, you can choose between a tiller or directional throttle lever with side mounting or mounting on horizontal surface. Inboard motors for electric propulsion start at 6 hp and can go up to as much as 250 hp. For the smaller inboard motors, you can also choose between side or horizontal mounting. For the larger motors, there are no options for mounting methods. The mounting accessories for these motors can be purchased together with the boat motor. That way, you always get a complete set and avoid searching for specific parts later. The range of motors and corresponding parts also includes a handy battery monitor.

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Equipping a boat with an Elco electric motor? P&E Lowlands

P&E Lowlands helps you equip your boat with an electric motor and switch from old and polluting to new and sustainable. We are Elco’s European distributor, and we help everyone in the energy transition to environmentally friendly and cost-conscious boating. As an experienced, professional supplier of boat motors, we provide service and support. We do this not only by following a clear step-by-step plan when choosing a motor, but also by providing excellent service after installation of your renewable energy unit. Interested in the modern electric motor from Elco? Please contact us, and we’ll explain exactly the options available for your boat.

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We supply electric drives for pleasure craft and small ships. With Elco drives we make a contribution to the switch to 100% renewable energy in our region.

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