Marine motors for pleasure craft

Which motor is perfect for my boat? Every (future) boat owner asks that question at some point. The answer is not that simple. Obviously, the purpose is important: the requirements for marine motors for commercial shipping are different to those for pleasure craft. But even apart from that, there are many other factors at play. We’ll briefly go over them with you.

Marine motors for pleasure craft need to be robust

While professional captains know better than anyone how to take good care of their ship and ship motor, this is not always the case with pleasure craft. That means marine motors for pleasure craft need to be robust and be able to take some abuse. How much this matters depends on where you sail your pleasure boat. Do you take it onto open waters and wide canals, or shallow rivers and narrow waterways? Your motor is more likely to be damaged in the tighter waters, so you need a more robust motor.

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Marine motors for pleasure craft with good tilting system

Related to this, with marine motors for pleasure craft, it is good to think about their tiltability. Especially in shallow waters and waters where a lot of plant material is floating around, it’s nice to have a good, smoothly tilting marine motor. That helps you protect your marine motor from damage from striking the bottom, and easily clear any plant material wrapped around the propeller.

Marine motors for pleasure craft have simple controls

When choosing a marine motor for your boat, it is also important to think about what features you might want. Everything is possible, from controlling lights, motor fans and bilge pumps to reading a compass, navigation and depth sounding. Many pleasure boaters mainly want to focus simply on cruising faster or slower. Because of this, marine motors for pleasure craft often come with simple controls. But if you want more, that is also possible.

Marine motors for pleasure craft are preferably quiet

With pleasure craft, it is primarily about relaxing on the water. Many pleasure boaters primarily want to enjoy a fun hour or day on the water. Looking around at the beautiful surroundings, listening to the rippling water and sipping a nice drink along the way. Overpowering motor noise does not fit into that picture. Marine motors for pleasure craft should preferably be as quiet as possible.

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Petrol and electric marine motors

 The type and weight of a marine motor makes a big difference to the amount of noise it produces. We distinguish two types:

  •  Marine petrol engines for pleasure craft
    Marine petrol engines, also called internal combustion engines because they burn petrol to generate energy, make noise. How much depends on the weight of the motor, the weight of the boat and how fast you drive it. Don’t think that a heavier motor always produces more noise than a light motor. A light motor that has to propel a heavy boat has to work much harder than a heavier motor this situation and will therefore produce more noise.
  • Marine electric motors for pleasure craft
    On the other hand, an electric marine motor does not make noise. The energy comes from a battery. How heavy this battery should be depends on the weight of your boat and the desired navigation characteristics. At P&E, we choose the top brand ELCO when it comes to electric marine motors. They are known for their robust design and user-friendly controls.

If you’d like to know which motor from the large selection of marine motors for pleasure craft is the perfect fit for your boat, please contact P&E Lowlands. We look forward to advising you.

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We supply electric drives for pleasure craft and small ships. With Elco drives we make a contribution to the switch to 100% renewable energy in our region.

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