ELCO outboard at the university

image7.png25 Jan Elco donated an electric outboard to the Catholic University of Leuven. Students in the programme Energy Technology specialize In the field of E-mobility, energy transition and electric drives. An... full story

Sustainable sailing?

Sustainable sailing PELowlands.jpg06 Jul Water transportation is sustainable. Fewer trucks on the motorway leave more space. But, the vessels in this mode of transportation, are they sustainable themselves? It goes without saying that ... full story

Is going full electric even feasible?

PElowlands_Thema2_Blog6Foto1.jpg06 Feb Today, the energy we consume is derived 23% from electrons and 77% from molecules. Translated, this means that we use 23% of the energy available to us in electrical appliances (lighting, trains, ... full story

Oil production halved, make Europe great again!

PElowlands_Thema2_Blog5Foto1.jpg03 Oct BIG NEWS: In 2020, together with YC, we will launch sustainable hydrogen-powered generators in the European Union. Oil prices are skyrocketing after drones attacked the world's largest oil ... full story

YC gas engines, a valid alternative in the German Energiewende

3nieuws-home-PELowlands.jpg03 Jan The German municipality of Ubstadt-Weiher, like many other German towns, is in charge of local waste water treatment. Through the purification process, biogas is released. The gas can be used as a... full story
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