YC gas engines, a valid alternative in the German Energiewende



The German municipality of Ubstadt-Weiher, like many other German towns, is in charge of local waste water treatment.

Through the purification process, biogas is released. The gas can be used as a fuel for a biogas engine to generate not only electric power but also the heat required for the digestion of sludge. A nice example of YC’s blue ambition to promote internal combustion engines as the most efficient energy transformers of renewables. Ubstadt-Weiher is one of the first towns in Germany to have selected the YC engine product. 

The lean burn biogas engine that was started up early 2017 had run 5000 hours by the end of the month of December. A local service provider takes care of regular engine maintenance as part of YC’s strategy to secure steady growth in the market together with local service companies and equipment manufacturers.

Meanwhile, first YC gas engine orders are being taken from BeNeLux customers.

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