Electric outboard motor – Environmentally friendly propulsion

Electric outboard motors are increasingly being used as an environmentally friendly alternative to outboard motors running on petrol. For instance, anglers have been using them as the standard for years for whisper-quiet boating in nature. With an electric outboard motor, it is quiet on board and you don’t have the smell of exhaust fumes. And with the right battery pack and charger, you can enjoy your electric outboard motor for years. What are the benefits when your outboard motor is electric, and how can you buy one through P&E Lowlands? You can find all the information here.

Types of electric outboard motors

An outboard motor is a type of motor that you attach to the transom or stern of your boat. The outboard motor provides propulsion for your boat. Because the motor can rotate, it also serves as the rudder. There are several types of electric outboard motors:

  • Trolling motor
  • Motor under water
  • Motor under the cover

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  • Trolling motor
    The name actually gives away the purpose of this small electric outboard motor. For trolling fishing, a small electric motor is used to move the boat at a constant speed. However, a trolling motor is not the main propulsion unit. A heavier combustion engine is usually used to navigate to the destination.
  • Motor under water
    There are a number of brands that offer electric outboard motors where the electric motor itself is underwater. This makes lifting the motor difficult to basically impossible. Not very practical. And the most important part is positioned in a place where it is vulnerable to serious damage, especially if the housing is made of plastic, which is the case with many manufacturers.
  • Motor under the cover
    In its design, the ELCO brand keeps to the internal combustion engine configuration, which retains a familiar feeling for most skippers. But ELCO delivers much more quality with the motor under the cover:
    • The PMAC brushless electric motor together with the motor controller can be accessed by removing the motor controller. That means there is no electricity under water
    • The aluminium shaft piece together with the solid metal propeller is as robust as that of an internal combustion engine

Electric outboard motor: the advantages and disadvantages

There are advantages and disadvantages to an electric outboard motor. Always weigh the pros and cons before you make your choice.

Advantages of electric outboard motor

  • At most, you hear the electric motor humming quietly, just like the propeller going through the water
  • The absence of shaking cylinders on board makes navigation much more relaxing
  • You no longer have the smell of petrol or diesel when you use electric propulsion
  • You don’t need to refuel, so no more dirty hands on board either
  • Navigating on electric power is much more environmentally friendly than using a traditional combustion engine
  • Less maintenance
  • More torque with each revolution
  • Lower cost per distance travelled than when using diesel or petrol
  • Discounts on inner harbour fees

Disadvantages of electric outboard motor

  • Electricity from the grid is hard to come by on the water. If you want to cover long periods without a shore connection, you need a different solution. This could mean using solar, wind or a small generator on board. P&E Lowlands is at your service for all of this.
  • The energy density of diesel or petrol remains unsurpassed, even compared to a LiFeP04 battery.
  • If your outboard motor is electric, you can navigate at cruising speed for days. But at top speed, the battery will drain noticeably more quickly than with a petrol tank.


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Electric outboard motor from ELCO 

P&E Lowlands is a distributor of machinery and equipment in the field of modern energy production and drives in industrial and marine applications. P&E Lowlands is the European representative of the well-known American brand ELCO, manufacturer of both electric inboard and outboard motors.

Specifications and advantages of ELCO electric outboard motors

ELCO’s range of electric outboard motors runs from 5 to 50 hp and is suitable for motor yachts. With an electric outboard motor from ELCO, you’ll experience things like:

  • A wind and weather-resistant outboard motor
  • PMAC motor with efficiency over 90%
  • State-of-the-art motor controller that towers high above the competition
  • Water-cooled outboard motor for optimum performance

Contact with P&E Lowlands 

Do you have an electric outboard motor and do you want to replace it with one from ELCO? Or would you just like information on electric outboard motors for your boat? Contact P&E Lowlands with no obligation by phone, e-mail or using the contact form.

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We supply electric drives for pleasure craft and small ships. With Elco drives we make a contribution to the switch to 100% renewable energy in our region.

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