P&E Lowlands aims at making your machines run 100 % on renewables in the future. For the time being, it is not possible to move to renewables in one go.

A transition time path will help. It will make sure you needn’t worry about power black outs or cars running out of petrol. The time path is as follows:

Step 1: Increased Energy-Efficiency

First we will identify the drive that best meets your application while reducing CO2 emissions and saving on fuel consumption. You could apply insulation or move to petrol or gas instead of diesel fuel.

Step 2: More Renewable Resources

As your machine has been running at a minimum of CO2 emissions, we will examine whether the time has come to partially move to renewables. Think of hybrid drives or of an engine component running on hydrogen.

Step 3: 100 % renewables

Together we will set a time frame to switch to 100 % renewable power resources. We will advise which drives to use : electric, hybrid, IC-engine or a combination of these.


More information?

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