P&E Lowlands is convinced the world can entirely run on renewables only. But it requires a firm approach. We focus on smart drives and energy efficiency in line with the principles of the Blue World, the world of the circular economy where everything can be reused. Likewise we can continue to use the internal combustion engine when fossil fuels make place for renewable energy resources. A goal that can only be achieved if we succeed in storing enough of the energy provided by nature.

Sustainable Storage

The amounts of energy available in nature are massive and almost inexhaustible. It is a challenge to find ways to store them though, since the energy is not always at hand exactly at the time when we had in mind to use it. So it is necessary to develop sustainable storage methods, such as batteries and hydrogen based systems.

Internal Combustion Engine

Mankind has chosen to let the internal combustion engine run on fossil fuels. In itself, the IC-engine is a sustainable product. It can be totally recycled and it can run on renewables.

Renewable Energy Resources

As a matter of fact, the internal combustion engine is the most sustainable energy transformer and facilitator of the transition towards 100% renewable energy resources.


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