ELCO - Electric marine propulsion engines

ELCO has been a manufacturer of electric outboard and inboard engines since 1893. The range from 2 to 125 hp is suitable for sailing yachts and motor yachts. By silently sailing on electricity from renewable energy, sailing becomes a lot greener and the experience of nature becomes much more intense.

The future

Sailing electrically enables you to sail on renewable energy and sets the right course towards the future!

  • ZERO emission
  • No vibrations
  • No noise
  • Little or no maintenance
  • Low operating temperatures and hardly any cooling required
  • Long lifecycle
  • Super easy and therefore very reliable
  • High power-to-weight ratio and phenomenal torque
  • Easy installation

Win Win together

As a dealer of the American brand ELCO, P&E Lowlands is committed to the transition of the energy landscape to 100% renewables. Let’s do this together on the water!

The patented ELCO engines are robustly built and operate following the induction motor principle, as applied in modern E-vehicles. Their efficiency ensures optimal use of the energy stored in the battery.

ELCO Battery selector

How long can I run with my ELCO boat motor? Because many circumstances contribute to the exact power consumption, there is no simple answer to this question. However, with the right data, you can determine what’s your perfect battery pack. With this Battery selector, we assist you in selecting the appropriate batteries. No insane promises, but a technically sound overview for a purchase that meets your realistic expectations. P&E Lowlands succeeds in offering advanced AGM technology at very competitive prices and even provides top quality lithium with BMS at < 0,5 EUR/Wh!

Download battery selector

Electric inboard motors

  • Prices: net, exclusive of VAT, ex Willemstad
  • Validity: subject to modifications
  • Payment: prepayment within 8 days from invoice date / via webshop
  • Delivery time: upon request


  • Equivalent diesel power from 6 to 100 hp
  • High and instant torque
  • Patented induction motor technology with high efficiency (up to 92%)
  • Easy mounting thanks to standard mounting accessories and electrical connections with connectors
  • Maintenance interval: 50,000 hours
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