Moteurs hors-bord électriques

P&E Lowlands would be pleased to provide you with information on electric boating with an electric outboard motor.

Electric boating is the future

The emission standards related to outboard motors are becoming increasingly strict. Noisy and strong-smelling outboard motors will eventually be disallowed. Electric boating represents an alternative. You may feel apprehensive about electric boating, but there is no need: an electric outboard motor offers many surprising positives that will enhance your boating enjoyment.

Electric boating has many advantages.

Electric boating offers many advantages over boating with a diesel or petrol motor. After all, the electric outboard motor is quiet and free from the smell of exhaust fumes, with maximum enjoyment as a result. What’s more, nature is not disturbed and your boat becomes environmentally friendly. There are no CO2 emissions.

Electric boating is also more cost effective. The operating costs are low in comparison to traditional gas motors. After all, electric motors are the epitome of efficiency, and the mooring fees are considerably lower. No need to worry about safety and speed either: the electric outboard motor features safety controls and a consistent speed range capacity. Battery monitors offer piece of mind so that you will always reach the marina safely.

Different types of electric outboard motors

At P&E Lowlands, we supply electric outboard motors by premium brand Elco. These motors are reliable, sustainable and very maintenance-friendly. They will serve you well for years. There are differences between the various motors. Do you need a short shaft or a long shaft? How fast would you like the motor to be? How often will you use the motor? Do you want a fixed rudder or throttle valve control? Does your yacht have a planing hull? We will ask you these questions and more, to provide you with the best advise on the type of electric outboard motor is most suitable.

Would you like to discuss sustainable boating with an expert? P&E Lowlands is a supplier of sustainable motors and in addition, we also provide customised advice. We are in the thick of the latest developments. As such, we are perfectly able to assist you during your transition to 100% renewable energy.

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