How do I choose the most suitable outboard motor?

The search for a suitable outboard motor is a complex process. There are various types and not every electric outboard motor will meet all your requirements. P&E Lowlands is an expert in electric outboard motors.

A brushless PMAC motor? 5 HP to 50 HP? A short shaft or a long shaft? A fixed rudder or throttle valve control? If you tell us what type of yacht you have, we can recommend a suitable motor: a motor that allows the right speed and distance, with a fast-charging battery.

Reliable, sustainable and low-maintenance

For electric boating, we supply outboard motors by Elco. The products by this premium brand are constructed from reliable and durable components. They require little maintenance and will serve you well for many years.

Carefree electric boating

An Elco electric outboard motor is synonymous with carefree electric boating. It is fitted with safety controls that prevent overloading and overheating. It also achieves a consistent speed range capacity. Battery monitors ensure you will always reach the marina safely, an extra feature for your peace of mind.

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Aanbieding Gratis demo!

Plan hier uw testvaart met een ELCO elektrische aandrijving in. Met uw, of onze boot. Bij P&E Lowlands in Willemstad, of op een andere locatie naar keuze.

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