Electric boat conversion: why P&E Lowlands is the partner for you

Realising an electric boat conversion is a fun and satisfying task for every do-it-yourselfer. However, for this to be a safe and successful process, it is crucial that the installation is executed in a well-informed manner. Therefore, it is important to be supplied with expert advice. Thanks to our extensive expertise in electrical control and drive-technology, P&E Lowlands is just this expert advisor. Because we care greatly for this beautiful blue planet of ours, P&E Lowlands chooses only the best technologies. Fortunately, the use of renewable energy is on the rise - and we are playing our part. Therefore, it is our pleasure to welcome you here and to bear witness to your interest in an electric boat motor conversion.

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The benefits of an electric boat conversion

More and more, we can see that electric drives are entering the boating world. An electric boat conversion brings with it a number of benefits compared to traditional, fossil fuel-powered drives. They make for smoother rides, a lower impact on the environment, quieter boating without exhaust fumes, and a highly efficient use of energy that is more friendly to your wallet than using fossil fuels. As the European partner of the pioneering company Elco Motor Yachts, P&E Lowlands provides customers with the broadest range of electric propulsion systems in the world. We offer a full line of award winning outboard and inboard electric motors. These products go through a rigorous testing process, both in the USA and in the EU. This results in the highest quality product that when combined with superior value will provide efficiency, power and durability to our customers.

Electric boat conversion with P&E Lowlands

Before starting your electric boat conversion, we believe there are a several basic questions that you need to answer, which you can review in more detail here.

  • How fast do you want your boat to go? Choosing the correct motor begins with determining how fast you want your boat to go. The hull shape of your boat impacts speeds regardless of your use of a gas or electric motor. 
  • How long do you want your motor to run for? The motor’s running time is determined by the capacity of your batteries. With our approach, typical boaters achieve 4 hours of runtime. However, as you decrease your throttle, your runtime and range will increase exponentially so your runtime can change drastically. 
  • How long should charging take? Chargers are designed to match with specific battery types and charge at set rates. Charging immediately after use and using an auto balancing, high quality charger will increase the lifespan and performance of your batteries. Of course, there are chargers available with various power ratings (and charging times). 

Based on your answers to these questions, we will advise you on the best electric motor option for your electric boat conversion. As noted before, we offer a choice between electric inboard motors and electric outboard motors

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Electric boat conversion: contact us anytime

We are excited and ready to help realise your electric boat conversion. From our central location in Willemstad, Netherlands, we are easily in reach of Northwestern Europe and beyond. To get in touch with us for your electric boat motor conversion, you can reach us by sending an e-mail to info@pelowlands.com or you can call us at +31 (0) 168 745 563.

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