Electric outboard motors

P&E Lowlands would be pleased to provide you with information on electric boating with an electric outboard motor.

Electric outboard motor enhances boating enjoyment

The emission standards related to outboard motors are becoming increasingly strict, and noisy and strong-smelling outboard motors will eventually be disallowed. Electric boating represents an alternative. You may be concerned about electric boating, but there is no need: an electric outboard motor offers many surprising positives that will enhance your boating enjoyment.

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Electric outboard motor integrates you into nature

Of course, the most obvious advantage of the new motor is one that benefits the planet in its entirety, as sailing electrically doesn’t emit any CO2. In this way, we can keep looking nature, and our grandchildren, in the eyes – an invaluable feeling. But the harmonisation with nature goes beyond the indirect. The electric outboard motor does not make any noise, nor does it emit vibrations. This allows you to approach nature with much more elegance and blend into your surroundings. With the new motor you can approach and enjoy the carps within arm’s reach.

The technical prowess of the electric outboard motor

Electric boating is also more cost effective. The operating costs are low in comparison to traditional gas motors. After all, electric motors are the epitome of efficiency, and the mooring fees are considerably lower. No need to worry about safety and speed either: the electric outboard motor features safety controls and a consistent speed range capacity. Battery monitors offer peace of mind so that you will always reach the marina safely. Another big advantage is the lack of maintenance. The lack of the absence of wearing parts gives our electric boat motor a very long lifecycle, and makes them the most reliable kind on the market at this moment. Like the disturbance of nature, the sweat and tears spent on motor engineering are a thing of the past with the new electric outboard motor. 

Electric outboard motors and its different kinds

At P&E Lowlands, our electric outboard motor is supplied by premium brand Elco. These motors are reliable, sustainable and very maintenance-friendly. They will serve you well for years. There are differences between the various motors. Do you need a short shaft or a long shaft? How fast would you like the motor to be? How often will you use the motor? Do you want a fixed rudder or throttle valve control? Does your yacht have a planing hull? We will ask you these questions and more, to provide you with the best advice on the type of electric outboard motor that is most suitable.

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Superior service, hands down

Would you like to discuss sustainable boating with an expert? P&E Lowlands is a supplier of sustainable motors and in addition, we also provide customised advice. We are in the thick of the latest developments, in touch with the future – as our ties with university research shows. As such, our advice will ensure that your motor will truly form part of the future. In case of any questions, please do not hesitate and contact us – we will answer in the shortest possible delay and show you that it is no exaggeration: the future is indeed within reach.

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