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The best electric outboard motor for your boat?

As a dealer of the American brand ELCO, P&E Lowlands is committed to the transition of the energy landscape to 100% renewables. Let’s do this together on the water! We can advise you about which electric motor best suits your needs!


P&E Lowlands - Official European partner for ELCO

We at P&E Lowlands rely on extensive expertise in electrical control and drive-technology. Doing this with great care for our planet. As a European distributor of ELCO Motors, our company has been playing the map of this American frontrunner in electric marine drives for multiple years. P&E Lowlands chooses only the best technologies on our way to an electric future. During this transition we are your skilled and flexible partners.

We offer various electric outboard motors, ranging from 5HP to 50HP. Which motor suits your needs best? We'll happily advise you.

These customers preceded you


"P&E LOWLANDS provided customized technical assistance, allowing me to install my ELCO EP-20 and batteries without any problems. During our 30min. roundtrips customers are always impressed by the peaceful, but powerful electrical experience. The ELCO motor makes a reliable impression. It's just a solid product that works well."

- Captain Egholm, Harbour round trips Tórshavn

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"As an organizer of touristic tours, continuity is essential. P&E LOWLANDS provided us with a tailor-made plan that gives us 100% operational reliability. The ELCO electric outboard motors are robust, powerful and extremely user-friendly. A combination that, despite our experience with other brands, we had not yet found."

- Hans Hermans, Project Manager Electric Sailing
Waterlijn Amersfoot Foundation

Why switch to an electric motor for your boat?

Sailing electrically enables you to sail on renewable energy and sets the right course towards the future! It also has many advantages:

  • Silent boating - maximum enjoyment
  • Nature is not disturbed
  • Environmentally friendly: no CO2 emissions
  • No exhaust fumes 
  • No bad smell
  • No fuel costs
  • Lower mooring fees

How P&E Lowlands can help you transition to an electric motor

The search for a suitable outboard motor is a complex process. There are various types and not every electric outboard motor will meet all your requirements. P&E Lowlands is an expert in electric outboard motors and can help you with:

  1. Discussion - elaborate on the key aspects of your specific projects: technical requirements, performance estimations, timing and availability. We love to hear about your ideas about electric propulsion, renewables, hydrogen fuel cells, lithium batteries etc. I'm sure we can help.
  2. Planning - Detail the process of going electric and establish a timeline and shared project board (f.e. for sharing files for component layouts (STEP) and modelling)
  3. Design - We turn your ideas into technically realistic designs ranging from single wire diagrams and energy flow diagrams to CAD designs, complete boat layouts and detailed electrical schematics
  4. Install - We assist professional customers with their installation. This can be done both on site and remotely. An electrical system is only as qualitative as its weakest element. That is why we only go for a 100% durable and safe electrical installation.
  5. Test - Using performance modelling we can get a pretty close estimation of what speed, autonomy and range you can expect from your electric sailing pack. The complexity of reality will always show new insights. That is why we also assist B2B customers, during initial field testing, development and problem solving.

How do you choose the most suitable outboard motor for your boat?

The search for a suitable outboard motor is a complex process. There are various types and not every electric outboard motor will meet all your requirements. P&E Lowlands is an expert in electric outboard motors.

Reliable, sustainable and low-maintenance

For electric boating, we supply outboard motors by Elco. The products by this premium brand are constructed from reliable and durable components. They require little maintenance and will serve you well for many years.

Carefree electric boating

An Elco electric outboard motor is synonymous with carefree electric boating. It is fitted with safety controls that prevent overloading and overheating. It also achieves a consistent speed range capacity. Battery monitors ensure you will always reach the marina safely, an extra feature for your peace of mind.

Which electric outboard motor is the most suitable for your needs?

Of course, the perfect motor doesn’t exist – there is only the perfect motor for your specific boat. So what is it? This is where we come in: because many circumstances contribute to the exact power consumption, there is no simple answer to this question. 
Describe your situation in the form or contact us through the contact details below and we'll advise you on which Elco motor best suits your needs! 

+31 (0)641 586 178

Lantaarndijk 10
4797 SP  Willemstad, The Netherlands

Tell us about your boat

We'll advise you on which ELCO motor suits your needs.

Frequently asked questions about electric boating

What speeds will my boat be able to achieve?

An electric outboard motor will reach the same speeds as a diesel motor or petrol motor. The exact speeds differ for each boat and depend on whether it has a planing hull.

How long will I be able to motor for?

Assuming a normal cruising speed, you will be able to motor all day. It is fine to increase the speed if you don’t want to be at the helm all day.

What is the charging time?

Did the motor run all day? The battery will require overnight charging. Did the motor not run that long? You will be able to use the motor for several days on 1 battery charge.

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