What is exactly is electric propulsion?

You don’t generally spend a day on the water because you really like droning noises. You go out for a day’s cruising to enjoy the peace on the water, the wind in your hair and the wonderful sound of the waves against the hull. Electric boating puts the emphasis on exactly that. Electric motors are whisper-quiet, so nothing detracts from the peaceful, free feeling you get being on the water.


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Electric boating means cruising with propulsion driven by an electric motor. The energy for this kind of motor is not generated by burning fossil fuels such as gas, petrol or diesel, but comes in the form of electricity in batteries.

The advantages of electric propulsion

Electric motors have a number of advantages relative to traditional internal combustion motors. We’ll discuss the main two here.


Traditional motors burn fossil fuels, which is bad for the environment, especially when that combustion takes place in nature (such as on the water). However, you can charge the batteries for electric motors with green energy generated from sources such as solar panels or wind turbines, which means little to no environmental impact.


Traditional internal combustion engines makes noise. By contrast, electric motors are as quiet as a mouse. That means you can enjoy peace and quiet on the water even more intensely, and you also avoid being a disturbing factor in nature and for people around you.

Electric propulsion is the future 

The advantages of electric motors mean that electric boating will gain ground in the future and eventually become the norm. Some major cities and nature reserves already have standards for maximum emissions from vehicles and vessels, and this is certainly not going to be reduced. Friesland even already has ‘electric-only navigation routes’, and they are also already working towards closing several waterways to internal combustion engine vessels in the Biesbosch as well.

Switching your boat to electric propulsion

Just about any boat can be converted to electric propulsion. The market for electric motors has developed to the point where you can always find a suitable electric motor for your boat. At P&E Lowlands, we’ll be happy to provide advice about the best electric motor to suit your situation based on your requirements and your boat.


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Electric boating with ELCO

When we recommend the right electric motor for you, at P&E Lowlands we choose from ELCO brand electric motors. This top brand has a wide range of high-quality electric inboard and outboard motors. And we don’t just supply the electric motor, but the complete package including battery and wiring. We’ll be happy to help you with installation if desired.

Want to try out electric boating?

Would you first like to experience whether electric boating is something for you? P&E Lowlands will be happy to arrange a free demo for you. This can be done with one of our boats, or with your own if you wish. We’d like to advise you on which electric motor would be suitable for your boat beforehand, so you can go for a test trip with the right electric motor straight away. Request your free demo here, or contact us for more information about electric propulsion.

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We supply electric drives for pleasure craft and small ships. With Elco drives we make a contribution to the switch to 100% renewable energy in our region.

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